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Mikakazahn 2 years ago
Hello baby, cant chat with you, anywhere else where we can do it?
Mucage 2 years ago
baby you can taste him anytime you want, just as long as I get to taste your sexy ass too baby. if you ever anywhere close to georgia let me know I will be there baby. thanks for the compliment gorgeous
Dugrel 2 years ago
He did what you was suppose to do too that Sexy Butt, Wear It Out!
Mikora 2 years ago
Quite simply - yes. It is sexist to hold to hold a work event that excludes women. There is no such thing as 'unintentional' in a scenario such as this. The organisers/managers are well aware that women don't want to (and therefore probably won't) attend events such as this.
Kazijora 2 years ago
Gawd PK i luv them Dreamy Tits.You get me so Fukin Hard.thxs D