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Kigabei 2 years ago
I know of a guy that drives his very young son two hours away every other weekend to visit his mom, even though it's not technically his responsibility. According to their agreement, she is supposed to come pick him up and drop him off. He does it because he loves his son and knows he will be devastated to lose his relationship with his mom. His son has no idea of the sacrifice his dad is making and likely never will.
Vogar 2 years ago
Why the actual fuck are you censoring yourself on a porno site?
Zulkree 2 years ago
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Gardahn 2 years ago
I love squirters turns me on so fast
Fenrit 2 years ago
I think they all under estimated the wights. Dany had two of the best armies in the world, the Dothraki and Unsullied, it would have made sense for them to be on the outside.