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Nall 2 years ago
The feds ought to know fake news, after all, they are a fake gov`t. Look at what we have standing in for PM, the king of fake. Or maybe that should be queen of fake, it`s more suitable.
Faurn 2 years ago
Where did you get any of that from? The guy is being a dick. He's lucky he's not divorced, because if he acted so childish all the time, I wouldn't put up with that.
Nitaur 2 years ago
I love your pussy is beauty i want be your friend ser my cock her is all your!Kisses.
Vudojin 2 years ago
You make me so moist . LOVE to have fun with you and a few GOOD Guys lol
Vibar 2 years ago
I love 420 as well ;)